Ready to steam/press.

This week is going to be a great week! It’s so nice to feel good! Do you ever feel grateful for feeling good after a spell of not feeling good? That’s where I am right now.

Last week was pretty much a washout. After a night with coughing spasms, an appointment with the doctor seemed in order. Now have allergy stuff AND a cough, along with no voice–isn’t it amazing how exhausting having no voice can be? All of this goes along with the fact that the to-do list went no where last week. I did get invitations for a party designed and mailed, though. A couple of things that I had planned to go to were laid aside because I was afraid I’d cough too much.

So, main goals for this week:

  • Steam and press two pieces
  • Dye yarns
  • Clean studio–Does anyone else make a huge mess in the studio? I seem to like to have all the colors I’m considering out on the floor so that I can see them together. Now it’s time to put them back, roll up and label the cartoons used, and just general cleaning. Amazing how much lint and dust is generated during the weaving process!

    I can't believe I'm actually posting this! How embarrassing!

    I can’t believe I’m actually posting this! How embarrassing!

What’s your process in the studio? Do you make a mess? Are you one of the neat people? It’s funny, the whole time I have been feeling bad, I’ve wanted the comfort of going out and weaving–not chicken soup–weaving!


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