Grasses and other natives

This topic is not as off the wall as it may seem. Many years ago the Botanical Research Institute of Texas worked with fourth grade students in the study of the Texas prairie. At that time, I came to really appreciate our native grasses, and over the years, have come to the conclusion that many of the plants we try to maintain in our landscaping are a huge waste of resources.

Enter the huge fires we had in Texas last summer. I became obsessed and even wove a piece because of the fires. MidnightFire

Midnight Fire, 30×48 inches

Then, in thinking of basic elements, I tried to think of a design to illustrate wind, which led to wind in out native grasses. That piece has been drawn out, but the colors are still incubating. It probably won’t look like a prairie by the time I get through with it; we all know how I like bright colors! So, I guess the real topic here is inspiration and how it comes from many sources. And speaking of color, the Red Yucca is gorgeous this year! And by the way, if you ever get a chance to see an exhibit of Eliot Porter’s photographs, go! The Amon Carter has a great collection.


Images of Texas grasses

High Country Gardens

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Weston Gardens

Native Plant Society of Texas

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