The Nordic connection

It continually amazes me how many interesting articles I find in the Wall Street Journal. Thursday’s paper was especially interesting to weavers because they featured Scandinavian textiles. We know about the great linens, but most of us don’t think of rugs, unless they’re rag.


MMF AB/Archive Ursula, Relief pile rug

This image is of an tufted rug, but woven rugs are mentioned, along with the studios/companies that make them. Here are just a few that are mentioned in the article:

Here’s a quote about the last company above (the emphasis  is mine):

With an archive of several hundred designs dating as far back as its founding in 1919, Märta Måås-Fjetterström employs about a dozen weavers who use hand-dyed wool and wooden looms to fashion some 40 made-to-order carpets a year.

The line, named for its founder, a Swedish artist who died in 1941, is based in Båstad, on Sweden’s southwestern coast. Calling upon a library of around 1,000 different colors, a single carpet may call to mind a southern Swedish apron, a central Asian tent and a Paul Klee painting. Select rug patterns of 9 feet by 12 feet can cost more than $100,000.

Did you notice the price? I did the math…that’s about $925/sq. foot.

Now, about those rag rugs…take a look at this website that features Scandinavian rag rugs. I love the one featured on the home page! Take a look.

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