Great packaging and Day Two


Isn’t this great packaging! And it’s art related. Credit is here.


Mirrix Day 2—I really haven’t had much time today to work with the new loom, but it’s really quite nice to use. I’m working on getting a rhythm going. Plus, I need to work in a situation where I can see the warp threads better. I did put a paper behind the second section of warp threads to help make the front ones more visible.

In the picture below, I tucked the weft threads behind so that the actual pattern is visible. It’s also hard to take a picture. This not trapezoidal, only the angle of the camera!Day2

Tomorrow I will start making an object like a square or something. If I can find it, Kathe Todd-Hooker’s book, Line in Tapestry, would be fun to play with for a while. On the other hand, I’m really anxious to get started on something “real” and not just a sampler. This is amazing to me—I feel uncomfortable not having a plan. One of the reasons I enjoyed the surface design class so much is that was very freeing. We were like kids. Many years ago I took a felting class. The instructor wanted us to make a plan before we got started. I really didn’t want to do that, and felt that complete childlike freedom while I worked with the felt. Yet, while weaving tapestry, that freedom escapes me. Should I work on that and try to be free or go back to sketching what I’m going to weave? Is there a place in between total freedom and sketching out a plan?

On another note, it may be time to make the public to-do list again. I can feel myself getting more and more behind. The house stuff is calling, the four off-the-loom pieces are calling to be finished, the piece on the big loom is calling, the grass in the yard is calling…never ending!

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