What to do in my spare time and Mirrix adventures


So, okay, I made that little trip to Joann’s to look for polyester yarn. Seems that it’s all acrylic, which might work, but I wasn’t sure. While there, I decided to look for a hat pattern and found the above, #7600. I’m thinking that maybe I will use those fabric pieces that I made in the workshop for a big sun hat. Something to do in my spare time, right? Then, while still in this mode of looking for things to do with this disperse dye printing process, I looked at Wal-Mart for clothing to use for this process. I’d really like to do a bra, but I’m not willing to spend much on such a grand experiment. Maybe a pair of panties? $3 is my limit!

Mirrix Adventures-Heddles are on—I found them in the trash! Can you believe that! I picked up what I thought were scraps of yarn and threw them out. Had to make a few corrections with heddles being on wrong warps. Then my shed was minute, so pulled out the directions and realized that the shedding device handle was attached incorrectly. Fixed that, then realized that I would have to exert just a little more pressure to get a good shed—i was afraid of breaking something. Now we’re cooking! There’s a good shed, the yarn is packing in. The only thing that I wish was different is my double selvedges. They both ended “up” at the same time. This is a nice sturdy loom, just the right weight to work with. I think I’m going to love it just like all those other Mirrix owners do. I am now ready for my Mirrix adventure! After this warp, I plan to get that wide one on with the help of masking tape on the warp bar from the get-go.

  • What I’ve learned so far:
  • Mark with a Sharpie every other warp thread
  • Make sure one selvedge goes up and one down with each shed
  • Don’t work on a brand new project when tired! (I tell myself this over and over—has it worked?)

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