Lessons in frustration


This is a picture from the Mirrix website

loom-unpackedMonday-Let me say here and now that this is not the problem of the loom. I have heard about the Mirrix loom for ages, and know that everyone loves their loom. This is a problem with my brain. Since my new Mirrix has a weaving width of 13 inches, I thought I’d make a warp of 13 inches. Makes since, right? But I am having trouble with this concept of a continuous warp of the kind that is used on a frame loom. I use a horizontal loom, put on 30-40 yards of warp at a time with a sectional beam. I don’t warp constantly.

Watching the DVD that comes with the Mirrix, pausing constantly to make sure I’m understanding the direction the warp has to go, I start warping. Then I went back to the written instructions, trying to make sure if I’m supposed to go behind or in front of a beam. I thought I was getting it, then the warp bar fell out. With that, I decided that a 4- inch warp will be wide enough for practice. I know, it’s not rocket science and soon it will be second nature. Just not today. 

Later on Monday– The four-inch warp is on. The warp bar kept falling out, so I resorted to masking tape. Masking-tapeWorked great! I’ve measured the threads for the heddles, tied a few heddles and attached them to the heddle bars. Now I’m really wondering about what kind of shed I should expect. I am not going to worry about that right now, though.

Here you can see the loom with the warp. In addition you get to see all the surrounding notes, instructions, the small DVD player, and a finished piece in the background.


The lesson that I don’t seem to learn from days (or hours)like this is that sometimes it’s best to just walk away, get some rest, and start fresh at another time!

Does anyone know of a source for polyester yarn suitable for weaving? Nothing really fine. I though I’d weave a small piece on this loom and do some surface stuff to it. I never use anything but natural fibers, so my sources are limited. Maybe a trip to the yarn department of Joann’s is in order.

2 thoughts on “Lessons in frustration

  1. J. Austin -

    Like everyone else I’m quite fond of my Mirrix, but I have the same problem with the bar slipping out while I’m warping. So I usually tie it to the top and bottom beams on both sides.

    I weave on lots of different kinds of frame looms and always use a piece of paperboard from a cereal box, or a piece of black posterboard between the front and back warps. Otherwise you can go cross-eyed trying to see just the front set. Hope you enjoy yours!

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Thank you, thank you. As I was warping, I knew this had to be a solvable problem because too many people use and love these looms! But once that warping bar fell out, I could never get it to stay again. I will also try a colored heavy weight paper between the front and back warps. All of you “real” tapestry weavers are experienced with looms of this type. Already though, I have become quite fond of this little loom. It’s very sturdy and well-made.–S


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