I Won!


I am so excited! I have been notified by Elena at Mirrix Looms that I am one of the winners in their Social Media Marketing experiment.  I wrote about the contest here. I really am very excited to be able to do this! So, first, I am going to make a list of the possible projects to do on this loom. It will be my first real effort at using an upright loom, so I imagine that just warping this puppy will come with a learning curve. Just deciding on the warp sett will be important—this coming from someone who uses a sett of 4 epi! One of the positives, besides having an opportunity to use this loom that I’ve heard so much about, is that there is a commitment attached. That means I have a great incentive to try new things and experiment.

I am including this list to help me remember, ‘cause I know I’ll forget all my ideas when the creativity muse goes on vacation. If anyone wants to suggest other things to add to my list, please do.

  • Drawing by my grandson—maybe I’ll start with this one
  • Tapestry of a sign that was photographed in Peru of a man and woman
  •  Warp painting while on loom Maybe not since I mostly do weft-faced weaves—something to think about
  • Several small but related pieces to be mounted on canvas (similar to this) or some other format
  • Series of faces or masks
  • Spontaneous piece using my leftover butterflies
  • Use a double warp to experiment with using two different warp setts in the same piece
  • Incorporate beads in a piece a la Jon Eric Riis (although never with as much skill and creativity as his work)
  • Use metallic threads and silk
  • Weave a piece that incorporates sticks (a client asked about this; will practice small before attempting big)
  • A Miro wannbe
  • Incorporate conductive threads/LED lights into a piece and here-articles/information by Lynn Bruning
  • Alex Friedman-type tapestry 
  • Shaped tapestry with pulled warps here and here.

Gosh! The possibilities are endless! And after my weekend workshop with Holly Brackmann, I may need to add weaving a piece on which to do some surface design.

2 thoughts on “I Won!

  1. RuTemple

    OH what fun, Congratulations! S’more ideas:
    Lace-weave tapestries, curtains, cloth for clothing;
    woven shibori, where you include threads for pulling-before-dyeing…

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    I will add the woven shibori to the list. I’m not familiar with lace-weave tapestry. I think the weaving length on the loom may preclude curtains–unless you sew lots together. But maybe that’s better suited to a regular loom.


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