Hachure and hatching?

imageI was wondering if there might be an illustration of hatching on THE WEB (!!!), and this is what turned up in a search. A workshop by Kathe Todd-Hooker at the 2011 Association of NW Weavers’ Guilds Conference. Go there and take a look at the picture used to illustrate the workshop. All I can say is WOW! James Koehler also has a workshop coming up at the Intermountain Weavers Conference, and as usual, his work is another WOW! When I did a Google search for “hachure weaving,” the illustrations below were available, but still not really what I wanted. I will also share some others, including the fashion statement at the end.




At any rate, I am getting much practice in hatching right now. And since I can see the warp ties on the warp beam, it’s anybody’s guess what the size of this current piece will end up being. Maybe I should take bets… Kind of fits in with my theme of “explore” though.

2 thoughts on “Hachure and hatching?

  1. Jan

    I love hatching, but on the simple hatching (like the sample you show), not hachures. I use it a lot, but m ine are usually fairly freeform, my work is not geometric, so I can be pretty relaxed about it.

    Keep practicing, it’s so useful, and looks so cool.


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