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imageI have checked this book out of the library and checked on buying my own copy, but always stopped because of the price. I wasn’t sure if it would be actually very valuable to me doing the kind of weaving I do. This picture came from Amazon, by the way. I am in the process of going through all my bookshelves a few at a time and yesterday took two big boxes of unwanted books to the closest Half Price bookstore. While waiting for my “offer,” I browsed the shelves, starting with the weaving section. Well, imagine my surprise when I spied this book on the shelf—the only copy, hardback version—for $7.00. I snapped it up and used part of my used book money to pay for it.

LayersI am still practicing my skill at hatching. I have done this process before, but not so much in one piece. As you can see in the picture above, there is hatching, but mostly in one small area. The piece on the loom has eight butterflies, which translates to eight color sections, each requiring hatching. I tried to develop a “system” of advancing and retreating the weft, but have gone back to random, whatever-seems-right-at-the-moment hatching. Both the good thing and the bad thing about what I’m doing now is that the colors are mostly very closely related. When I arrive at the orange and yellows section, my hatching may become more noticeable.  

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  1. Donna Kallner...

    Congratulations on scoring a coveted book at a great price! My hope is restored that perhaps I will find a particular title myself someday at a used book store. If you happen to run across “From A Line”…


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