More hatching on hatching

imageAs I said here, I am practicing hatching, pretty randomly with no real structure to it. I have pulled out a couple of tapestry books to see what is said about hatching. I have the Nancy Harvey book shown below, and one by Kirsten Glasbrookimage. I like both of the books for different reasons. The Glasbrook book has such whimsical tapestries pictured and that is very appealing, but I think the one by Kathe Todd-Hooker is best for me because of the line drawings. If I really am going to explore this year, I imagewill need to try a few new-to-me techniques. These books may get a little bit of a workout.

Do you ever wish you could have the time (and money) to see all kinds of art? I saw this picture, read that it’s woven, and was astonished. It’s so smooth it looks like pottery. I would love to know more about this and to see it in person. Alas, I guess I will have to enjoy vicariously via the internet.Hat woven by Isabella Edenshaw, painted by Charles Edenshaw, c. 1900. MOA A2382.

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