How long has it been?

YellowI can’t remember when I dyed last, and the fact is that I don’t have many colors that I use regularly. And, since I don’t like what I’m weaving, I am going to cut it off, retie, and use the new yarns that are getting dyed this week.

Today I went out and cleaned the yucky dyepots. But before it was possible to do that, there were other tasks. First, finding the water hose, buried under a bunch of weeds. Yarns_greens-to-purplesAs I tried to untangle it from the creeping plants, I discovered a leak. I thought I had turned off the water, but guess I didn’t. I hate that kind of waste! No wonder the weeds were so think there! Since that hose had a leak, I DID turn off the water, get out another hose, attached the sprayer and cleaned up. Rust_PolarRedThen there’s the task of filling the pots with their many gallons of water. At least this water will be reused for the rest of the week, as I dye everyday. After adding the necessary water each day, the pH will be tested to see if any more acid is needed. Then the dyes and yarns will be added, the whole thing brought to temperature with a little stirring during the heating process. The colors scheduled for this week include yellow, purple, and rust.

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