A little something that makes me smile.Pat'sStudio

I visited my friend Pat’s studio last Friday and couldn’t resist taking a picture of this wall where a few of her finished masks were hanging. As I write this, I realize that I should have also taken a picture of the other wall with masks in progress.

Tool-BagAnd just a little organizational talk—One of the things I have done (with the help of organizer Melinda Massie) is get my finishing things all together in one place. Last October I wrote about the tools I use for the hanging boards gathered into one container with “dedicated” tools here, but this is a repeat of the picture. FinishingSnapThis little Snapware container came from my local Container Store. Each of these little trays snaps together so that everything is all in one place. In my top tray I have all the sharp things—needles and a pair of scissors. In another section I have all the different spools of threads that I have collected for hemming pieces, plus bobbins that go with them. Various other tools are in another section. On the outside I put a tag label that simply says “Finishing.” Sorry about the dark picture, but the box lives inside a cupboard.imageimageThe one above is on Amazon.

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