I Am Woman! Nothing can stop me now!

SuperSliders                    Set of 4 small Super Sliders

This is pretty exciting! I moved my 540-pound Cranbrook loom today. My friends told me about the Super Sliders that you can get at Lowe’s or Home Depot and how you can move just about anything with those. You use a crowbar to lift up each leg of the loom about 1/2 inch and insert the slider. After that, you just move that guy!  Of course, I also had to buy the crowbar. The Super Sliders above are about 3 inches. I had to use 7 inchers on my loom. Today the loom, tomorrow the hide-a-bed sofa! Yippee!

So now I’m working on the studio clean-up portion of my to-do list. By moving my loom, I’ve probably made this a more time-consuming task than originally intended.


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