Weekly Goals

Here is my to-do list for the week that I posted earlier. The purple items were added after the original post. Thought I’d cross off things when finished. “Real life” will never get crossed off because of its never-ending nature of to-dos. It’s a good thing I’ve had two really solid days of studio time because Wednesday is errand/grocery store day—and the Apple workshop. I’ve logged 15 hours of studio time so far this week, but it goes downhill from here. After the Apple workshop, I need to find a few hours to teach my mother the computer stuff—before I forget it all! But I’m pretty excited about this week. Lots accomplished, the studio looks better, and I can alternate measuring/tying ikat and weaving. Can’t get any better than that!

  • Dye magenta yarns
  • Hem and photograph Señor Fish (this was left off the original list)
  • Clean up studio
  • Tie on warp
  • Ball yarn for green piece (this was added later, but goes with the next item)
  • Begin plain green piece
  • Ball magenta skeins
  • Begin tying ikat
  • Apple workshop-Wednesday
  • Real life

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