I forgot!

What”s on the loom

Crazy time

It’s been so looney tunes around here, I forgot what day it was. Between spending more hours in the studio and setting up a new computer for my mother, well, you get the picture. All the same, I am really pleased that skipping the computer until afternoon means that I’m getting more work done–with enthusiasm!

Always the finishing

I’m spending my evenings doing finish work and/or working on a small piece. Unless I am too tired, that is.

Does a clean studio mean a clean mind?

Unfortunately, I am now into the cleaning the studio portion of my week. That means that anything that pops into my head is so much better and must be attended to RIGHT NOW. Now why would that be, when I find such treasures as this one? There’s lots of stuff in there that I don’t want anymore, so I’m putting it all into a big bag to sort through and donate later. I’m having a visitor later this week, so it should look at least a little bit presentable.

Beaded emboridery

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