I want to stay here…

For those of us who love color….wouldn’t you love to stay here? This was an old Holiday Inn, which has been remodeled to become the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. Wow! What a great place to return to after a busy touristy day. More pictures can be seen here.

And speaking of color, I am experimenting with choosing colors for the next piece. I usually go with my gut, but I am going to try using guidance in the form of this tool. Then, if something doesn’t seem right, I’ll go back to my gut.image

I’ve mentioned Joen Wolfrom and her quilts before, or maybe it was just that beautiful color wheel poster, which hasn’t yet been moved to a more accessible spot. So, I’m going with this tool. Joen mentioned Laura Nownes who is writing about using the Color Tool on her blog. It’s written in three parts. Here’s a link to the first part. By the way, the Color Tool may be available locally, but if not, it’s Amazon has it. Don’t they have everything?

How do you choose color? Do you ever finish something and realize that one of the colors just doesn’t work?

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