My weaving world


Matisse_yarnsIn my weaving world, the last piece has been cut off the loom, and I’m not sure it’s ever going to be my favorite. I was going to dye yarns for the next piece, but it turned cold, and I just couldn’t make myself dye when it’s 27 degrees with no protection from the north wind. And I know that for those who live farther north, 27 degrees is nothing. I’m a wuss! So, I came up with a couple of other projects, one of which does not mean I have to dye. My concern aabout that one is that it has a very small angle across 40 inches. I’m not sure I can stretch out an angle that long, but I guess I’ll find out! The picture above is my Matisse print and yarn colors based on the colors in the print. You can see a larger better image of L’Asie here.

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