Weaving world two

long trianglesThe picture above is a scan of my drawing for what I’m weaving right now. As you can see, the angle for each section is very shallow—Is that an appropriate word to use when discussing angles? I’ve woven the first two sections with frequent taking out and starting all over. I finally decided to just weave one section at a time, which brings its own set of problems. Since the bottom triangle is already woven, one cannot beat in the second triangle with the overhead beater. It’s much slower to use a hand beater. I’m sure there’s a better way, and I will keep trying until I decide one way or another. In my experience, when a piece becomes a headache to weave, my satisfaction with the piece becomes less. By the way, this piece will have three colors, two shades of orange and purple. We’ll see where this goes…Suggestions welcome!

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