Soumak to the rescue!

Long Triangles_colorimageSince my post on Wednesday, I have experimented with doing this weaving in a couple of ways. I wove with the weft coming from two different directions this time. I still had the issue of not having a “perfect” diagonal line between the two colors. Then I remembered Kathe Todd-Hooker saying that soumak could hide that uneveness. I pulled out my Tapestry 101 just to make sure that I knew what I was doing, and got started. I am still weaving one of the long triangles at a time, then a row of soumak with the the next triangle color. Pretty smooth! In the picture above, the soumak row is the first row of purple at the top of the weaving. Yes, the tapestry is going to have some texture now, but it’s not extremely noticeable. I will also have to decide how to handle the previously woven sections—see the close-up below. Maybe some pseudo soumak after the weaving is finished? Of course, other people outside of the weaving community don’t notice all those imperfections. But that’s a post for another day.LongTriangleDetail

Here’s a tutorial on soumak.

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