imageThis was in the travel section of the paper the other day and caught my eye, probably because of the colors, although it is graphically pleasing also. The few paragraphs accompanying the picture told of two exhibits in Austin, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Fort Worth—about four hours. When I looked and read about the door directly from the venue’s website, it was interesting indeed. The brown sections contain signatures of famous writers, actors, publishers, etc. from before the bookshop closed in 1925.

The other exhibit is Banned, Burned, Seized, and Censored. You can see a list of the banned books and recommended reading here.  But, even though I find the ideas of these exhibits interesting, I probably won’t make down there to view them. And I still like the door—a lot!

This week I have dyed black and more black, because, you know you can never have too much black. The first batch was black at 2%, the second at 3%, for a total of ten skeins, about five pounds. I labeled each group A through D, with the idea being able to keep the variations in color disguised by combining the various skeins. Ask me how I learned that this was necessary!

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