Calder and tapestry

What a surprise! Tapestry in ArtDaily—again.

Alexander Calder, Untitled, 1974, mohair wool tapestry, 190 by 150 cm. Commissioned in 1974 in an edition of 50 by the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation, produced in collaboration with Royal Lesotho Tapestry Weavers. Estimate €2.000-3.000. Photo: Sotheby’s.

It says that they were woven by the Lesotho Tapestry Weavers. After a brief search, I found the information below. Here’s the link for it. I really like that they wove with mohair, one of my favorite fibers. You can also read about Lesotho here. Unfortunately, I also found more than one pronunciation of Lesotho.

Craft Centers of Lesotho

As stated under the description of the mohair weaving tradition, Teyateyaneng (T.Y.) has become known as the “craft center” of the country. The town, however, only has four weaving businesses within. But, when compared to other regions of the country, four craft businesses in one town do legitimize it as a craft center. Other craft businesses are based in Leribe, Maseru, Thaba Bosiu or rural mountain villages. The work is scattered throughout the country and there are few venues for display—one of the many reasons that visitors often fail to discover it!

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