Keep those ideas coming


Ronnie Landfield, What Gauguin Said. Acrylic on canvas, 97 x 78. Photo: Courtesy Stephen Haller Gallery.

Just wish they’d come before bedtime. Does this happen to you? You’re just about to fall asleep, and there it is, how to start the piece you’ve been pondering. I know all about the subconscious mind taking over, and most of the time I am grateful for that. But it’s all I can do to stay in bed and push it out of my mind when those ideas come at bedtime. If I get up and go out to the studio, it will be a really long time before my mind settles down and is ready for sleep. Maybe my subconscious and and conscious minds could work out a compromise. Probably not, our government can’t, why should I expect that closer to home? At any rate, the thoughts were with me when I got up this morning, so it’s off to the studio.

The picture at the top loosely reminds me of what I’m currently working on, except in different colors. From ColorSchemer, the colors are below. Which now ties into my right-before-sleep thoughts—a way to vary the blacks and almost blacks in the piece.image

By the way, if anyone is interested in seeing pictures of the Fort Worth Weavers Guild show, here’s a link.

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