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After finally having a design that I was happy with, I realized that it would probably work better with a cartoon. So, off to FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s and, before that, just plain Kinko’s) I went. It used to be that to make an enlargement, the original drawing was placed in the huge printer. From there, it was trial and error. Now they scan the drawing or picture, size it to whatever you want, then send it to the printer. So, so much better! I usually do my designs on graph paper that has 10 squares to the inch. Now I just tell them to enlarge 10 times, and voila! it works!

To use, I cut the life size cartoon into sections of about eight inches each. And since not of my designs are very intricate, I mark the lines on my warp with a Sharpie. cartoon_clothespinsHolding the cartoon in place while marking has been an problem, that is, until I rediscovered clothespins. Ta Da!

imageIn another what-makes-life-easier event, I upgrades my Photoshop. I was using Photoshop CS2. Now I’m using CS5, and oh, what a difference! CS2 had become very slow to load, and everything froze up on my computer at one point. CS5 has no such issues. Now, I have never used all that Photoshop has to offer, but it’s what I’m used to. So, there!

I’m getting excited to be weaving again. Those little dry spells are probably necessary, but they’re a little frustrating.

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