imageA couple of months ago I downloaded Colorways, an ezine from Interweave Press. It is on my computer, and after my initial perusal, I haven’t looked at it again. It’s all about natural dyeing, and from many of the pages, there are more pages that one can click on to get more information. The pictures are great, and although I REALLY love to hold the actual printed matter in my hands, it’s nice that this is not one more thing to find a home for.

Now that the fall issue is out, I decided to download this one to my iPad, thinking that I would be more likely to look at it multiple times from my comfy chair in the living room and/or while watching mindless TV. I have tried a couple of other types of ezines, I think the format of the ezine lends itself to the iPad very nicely.image

In the fall issue, there is even video of blending colors for spinning. The photographs are gorgeous. There is a whole section on indigo, which I haven’t finished reading. However, for me there is one problem with this on my iPad—there are a few PDFs that I would prefer to print. So, only time will tell about this format.

4 thoughts on “Colorways

  1. Rebecca Mezoff

    I have really enjoyed Colorways also. The interface is so slick and I love all the imbedded videos and pop-out photos. The video makes it worth it to me–plus it is just very appealing. I wish some of the articles were a little more in-depth, but in general I’ll keep downloading them!


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