Mystery and disappoint

Originally, I was going to post a blatant political rant, but I have calmed down some, so instead here’s another picture that combines the ancient with the present. The link is here.


CHIAPAS.- During Pre-hispanic times, three or four maya painters guided by a teacher represented Bonampak, which is in the State of Chaiapas. These stunning scenes, made more than 1,200 years ago, have come back to life thanks to specialists from the National Institute of History and Anthropology who have restored the murals. Photo: DMC INAH. H. MONTANO.

I’m not sure how I feel about this picture, but I think disappointed would be one description. I remember the first time that I saw Maya ruins, on a misty day, high point above the Caribbean Sea. The paint, amazingly, was still visible on the walls of the ruins. The mist made it seem so mysterious. I looked out to the sea and imagined the ancient people seeing the ships of Spaniards—almost gave me chills. Tulum was my favorite, even though Chichen Itza was grander. You can see a map and read about the individual ruins here. Would Tulum have seemed so mysterious and wonderful if the paintings had been restored? Or does it make any difference? At least it appears that the colors are still muted and look ancient.

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