Cofradia Huipil (blouse)

When I saw that the Sheila Hicks exhibit and and exhibit on modern Maya clothing were going to be at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina, my mind stated whirring. Maybe I could kill THREE birds with one stone: visit my daughter, and see these exhibits. But alas, I can’t travel right now, so will have to miss these exhibits.

The occasional newsletter from Folkwear Patterns arrived in my Inbox. Take a look at the photo gallery of the many variations on the middy blouse. I love variations on a theme! I like the Cowgirl jacket. Take a look at the original pattern and then at one of the jackets actually sewn. To be able to envision that jacket in so many different looks is talent. I no longer sew, but still enjoy what others do, in the same way that I admire the work of fellow weavers who do such complicated weave structures. Or maybe I should say structures other that plain weave!

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