What to weave

It is Saturday as I write this and I am trying to decide what the next project will be. I thought I knew, but doubts are creeping in. I have tons of red yarns dyed for this next weaving, but now I’m not sure. Anyone else do this?

imageWith the extreme weather we’ve had in Texas this year, I have become obsessed with weather maps and graphs. One of these is bound to end up in a weaving soon. Here’s one about possible precipitation this weekend. Notice that word possible? Mind you, this was posted Saturday and yet the title says “through Monday.” If only it would be true! At any rate, it has great gradations of greens!

p120i122-550x412[1]The one on the left is essentially another map of wishful thinking concerning precipitation, but depicted differently. Same thing, second verse below. But they are colorful. PrecipitationThe one below showing temperatures is my favorite, though. At least, today.photo

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