Ikat troubles and Wonder Woman has fashion issues

The only thing I know about Wonder Woman is that old TV show. You know, Lynda Carter and that revealing outfit? Well, according to the NY Times article, Wonder Woman has been needing a fashion update for a long time. Michael Straczynski is quoted as saying, “What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?” We all know that the real Wonder Woman lives in our own house.

 Both pictures from the NY Times article.


Labels are on the board above. The cartoon is not the current project, but the idea is the same.

Monday I had scheduled myself to be at the ikat board, after doing my homework assignments for two online classes. I made the cartoon, then went to my ikat table to get started. That’s when I realized that I must have had a different project in mind when I set up the boards. I reset the boards to the width needed for the current cartoon, then realized that I would need to cut more spacer bars. These are the wood boards that go between the ikat boards to keep the boards from getting closer and closer together as you measure the ikat yarns. Get the saw out, cut boards, done! Then I broke one of the pegs in the board, which meant disassembling the whole set-up, finding the appropriate drill bit, drilling out the hole, and redoing the set-up. Then I started measuring. And made a mess of it and spend time untangling yarn. At this point, I decided that it would be better to walk away and do something else!

The whole set-up is shown below. The red arrows show the small boards that I use to piece together the correct width for a project. I’ve used these pictures before, but in case there’s someone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about when I mention ikat board…


 Above: Bird’s eye view of the ikat boardsIkat_Table

Above: Ikat table

Today I was thinking about the flight I took with the boys from Charlotte to DFW. They were very excited, looking out the window as we were approaching the airport, and were both saying, “Lool! We’re going down.” The flight attendant happened to walk by as they were saying this, stopped, and said, “The better word is descending.” We got a good laugh out of this, especially on the return flight, descending into CLT.

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