Rain and mockingbirds

It is so interesting to sit here and hear the rain hitting the skylights on one side of the house and hear a different kind of singing from a mockingbird on the other side of the house. We have not had rain in over a month, so I am absolutely loving this! Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and discovered that it had rained in my neighborhood when I drove home. Although I was grateful for the rain, I was disappointed to have missed it. Then it started again and we received 1.6 inches! A glorious day. Plus, I don’t need to water the veggies! But rain does cause the grass to grow, which brings mowing.

Munsell-sheetsAs part of a dye/Munsell color study group, I am putting together sheets like these. At first I was very frustrated because of the difficulty, but then discovered the actual process of doing it. Duh! There’s a process! Tomorrow I am having my work checked by my friend Pat. I have mentioned before her before here. Here is a link to the New Munsell Student Set on Amazon. Not an inexpensive investment.

I have also been investigating database programs. Years ago I used Filemaker Pro and downloaded the free trial of the newest version. You know, they add so many bells and whistles to the programs! I’m not sure I like it better, but will try to withhold judgment for a little while. If I stick with the old one, that will sure save me some money. Any programs that you like and can recommend?

And, speaking of money, I did a dye inventory in preparation for the study group and placed an order with Pro Chem. A BIG order! But no one wants to run out of warp in the middle of a weaving project or dye during a dyeing project. Check out the price of turquoise…Wow!

2 thoughts on “Rain and mockingbirds

  1. Rebecca Mezoff

    Sherri, Your Munsell photo caught my eye. I took a synthetic dye class where we did the book (I agree, was tough at first, then easy once you saw how it went) and then we dyed all the colors. Amazingly, they came out really closely and we ended up with a great dye book/chart of recipes. I use a different system now, but it was a great learning experience.

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Had my pages checked today by an artist friend, and they’re looking good! My color eye has improved since my first and only attempt 10 years ago. I know it’s not a “color system” but I like the Color Aid papers for designing.


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