Ikat yarn

Ready for shuttles

When I’m not weaving, I take a break and wind balls of ikat yarn. I always think these yarns look so interesting when they’re balled up like this. These yarns are just waiting to be put on the shuttles. Notice the labels? The ones on the inside of the ball say #3 top right. Substitute #? what  ever section it is. The top right label indicates that that is the one to start winding on the shuttle first because that is woven last.


High Desert Weaving shuttles directly from their website

Speaking of shuttles, I bought a 16.5 in shuttle from High Country Weaving. They are beautifully made, but use quills instead of bobbin. The shuttle comes with one quill with instructions and a pattern for making more. But, and this is a big but, I lost the instructions and the pattern. All of those balled up yarns would be perfect for this big boy. Here’s a quote from their website:

The 16.5″ shuttle will hold more than 45 yards of a bulky rug yarn, such as that sold by Weaving Southwest.

Now, after seeing all those balled up yarns, I have a concern that this piece is going to turn out way too big. But it has to be what it is because of the design. Gee! Another issue discovered while weaving!

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