In the works and more variation on a theme…

By the time this is posted, I will have had a photographer visit my studio to take pictures for Panache Magazine, which is published monthly by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. There has been frantic studio clean up and a piece started, because, after all, they wanted pictures of weaving! All of this happened while there was no warp on the loom and I was sick with what I thought was a virus. Turns out that the virus is an infection—where that came from, I have no idea. There were no symptoms. However, since this is my first experience with something like this, how would I know? At any rate, I’m happy that the problem has been found and is being treated. But, let me tell you, getting a warp on the loom and cleaning up the studio 15 minutes at a time, then resting 30 minutes, is a trick.

In the meantime, I have estimated the amount of yarn needed for each color of the commission pieces. This is a rough idea of what they will look like hanging on their lime green backgound.  I’m kind of not liking the square on the left. Need to rethink that one…  She wanted some yellow included, and some aqua (haven’t figured out a dye formula for aqua yet). The yellow square seems to be too much yellow, though. Back to the drawing board, as they say.The middle square will actually be more reddish than the orange shown. Maybe the yellow square should be in gradations of orange to yellow. Thinking, thinking, thinking…something will come to me while weaving.Kim's-Squares

This is the piece that’s on the loom now. After completing the commission pieces, I may use the same idea but in a different color arrangement.ExperimentBrowns


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