Inspiration and A Warning: Rant Ahead


This is the opened up Cooralook wine box that I saw in Central Market one day. After talking to the wine manager (he DID ask why I wanted it), I wrote my name and phone number on the box, requesting that it be saved for me. Believe it or not, I received no phone calls except from Miles, the wine guy, who told me my box was ready to be picked up. I am fascinated with the color blocks decorating the box’s sides. Actually this is a design idea that I have been thinking about for quite some time, but I’m not sure about the best way to execute the design—blend yarns or dye yarns to make the blended colors? All of you more knowledgeable weavers out there—have any suggestions?

This is the second wine box that I have picked up. The other one has a kind of pre-Columbian looking lizard on it. They are now hanging out on the wall of my studio. Inspiration is wherever you can get it!

I was going to add to this post something I never do—a political rant. I have deleted everything I wrote so that I can think about it some more, but I am very upset about what I have been reading concerning the new social studies curriculum standards here in Texas. Does the phrase Atlantic triangular trade make any sense to you? If what I am hearing and reading is correct, that is the new PC term for slave trade. That one item is enough to absolutely infuriate me!

So far, I can only find a copy of the SS standards before the finalized version was passed. Therefore the only reading I have done is from other sources. Primary sources are always best, so I will try to calm myself until I can read the actual final version. Telling myself to take a deep breath …

This was an interesting op-ed piece in our local newspaper, written by a Pakistani American from Houston. It has nothing to do with social studies curriculum, just perceptions that all of us have about other groups. It hit home with me because I am aware of the stereotype that Texans have and that Southerners have. I have never considered myself a Southerner, but I am a Texan. We all must try to not paint everyone that belongs to a particular group with the same brush.

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