Inspiration-free zone


Blue Swirls 

The title does not mean that there is inspiration being given out for free, but that there is no inspiration residing in my creative zone at the moment. So, was it serendipity that I ran across the recent post by Alyson Stanfield about some things to do when creativity takes a slump? My goal for this week—getting out on that art date with myself.


Blue swirls yarn

Above is what’s on the loom. The colors that don’t show up in the center part really do show up in real life. Below is pile of yarns for this project. My problem area? Remembering which combination of yarn colors I’m using for a particular section. Possible secondary concern-running out of yarn of a certain color.

Lastly—can you believe it’s almost the end of April? Where did it go?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration-free zone

  1. Laura

    The colours are similar, but I can see them when I click on the photo. Looks great! Keeping fingers crossed you don’t run out of the colours!!!


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