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Rugs 2

Completely gratuitous pictures of rugs from a market in Peru

Yesterday I went with my new friend and mentee to check out a couple of looms for her to buy.  The owner of these looms died in 2005, and the children were getting to the point of selling her house, so the the looms needed to go. One of the looms was a Handcrafts Studio Loom, 46 in. 8- harness, made in Tarzana, California. The other was a Schacht table loom on a stand with treadles. There was also a LeClerc table loom, and two upright Navajo-style looms, plus boxes and boxes of books. As this weaver/spinner taught spinning, there were also many spinning wheels, which we did not even attempt to look at and saved for another day. I brought home the books as a donation to our guild, Amy took the bought the large loom, the Schacht, the upright looms, bench, etc. She can hardly wait to get these up and running in her new studio. The large loom will have to wait until after her trip home to California this week. It is upstairs so will require dismantling and the pick-’em-up truck to get home. We were both really excited about this adventure.

Also yesterday, while weaving, I got up to check something, moved the wrong way, and pulled my back. I could hardly get up the stairs to look at the looms yesterday. I couldn’t believe I did this. I don’t have back problems!  Today I spent with a heating pad, reading and napping. The good news is that the back is better, which is good thing since I need to get up early and do the regular maintenance on the car. That plus the regular grocery day probably precludes weaving for tomorrow, but Thursday …   

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