fish_butterflies Yippee! I’m finally weaving after what seemed like a long hiatus. The fish is still on the loom, but his nose is finished, and I’m weaving back the other way on him now. Fish_with_drawing That means that I’m somewhere in that area above his eye. In the pic on the right, the yellow part on the loom is the lower “fin”, for lack of a better word. Thank goodness I make notes when I start weaving, just to make sure that the start and finish of a piece is the same. Wonder how I learned that! My notes look something like this:

  • knots with warp
  • 2 inches of D Red for hem (I’ve decided that smaller pieces should be hemmed)
  • knots with 2 strands D Red weft (to mark where hem is folded)
  • 1% red for 2 in
  • Pick and pick for 2 in. with green and blue/turq
  • royal blue 2 in for fish background

At this point, I can still see where I started, but the notes are very helpful after those details get wound on the cloth beam.

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