I have yet to weave this week. What’s going on here? It’s not that I’m sitting around eating bonbons (what are those anyway?). I’m just doing other stuff. Like shopping, something I do every ten years whether I need to or not. I bought a pair of shoes. I went to Coldwater Creek and bought a few things. I’ve been to Target and Dillard’s. I needed sleep stuff ‘cause, like I said, it’s been 10 years and the others are worn thin. And, how can this be? But in the time that I wasn’t shopping, things have changed! They no longer make the underwear that I like!

I’m going to make seed balls and went on a search for dry terra cotta clay. Made a spur-of-the-moment decision to drive to Dallas yesterday to get some. Found it at Trinity Ceramics, a very interesting place. All kinds of pottery supplies, huge selection of books.  I avoid Dallas at all costs, but yesterday’s trip only took me to a warehouse area on the western edge of Dallas. I now am the proud owner of 50 lbs of dry terra cotta clay. Seed balls will be in my future for the next 50 years!

It’s really still too damp outside, but I’ve started mowing the pasture that I sometimes call a yard. Spending 30 minutes daily until I get it done. Of course, at that rate, it’ll be time to start again. I’m meeting a friend today for a short lunch. Tomorrow afternoon will be spent visiting parents and investigating a loom with a new weaver.

So, now it’s time to wash my hair and weave until time to leave for lunch. What’s going on? Dreading trying to figure out where I am in the current weaving project. It would be really nice to get this off the loom and ready for something new.

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