This and That

We had our guild meeting Saturday—lots of fun. My friend Margaret brought the metal woven basket she bought (the one in the picture from the last post). By the time she got back to Vesna’s booth, both the artist and her husband were ecstatic. The had sold almost everything! I wish I had had the opportunity to get back to their booth myself.

We also had a program by Pat Souder, who is so talented and has so many good ideas. The program was on embellishing the felted bags that folks had done at the previous meeting, but all of her ideas could be used in other applications. One that stayed with me—using pieces from silk flowers. I have lots of handwoven fabrics from my other weaving life that could be sewn into bags and embellished. Hmmm….  But I’d have to find silk flowers in a resale shop.  Pat also makes masks, her true love. Many of them incorporate handwoven fabrics.  Check out the Gallery page of the FWWG to see one of her masks. Be sure and click on it for a larger image.

Today I awoke to thunder. I’m loving the rain we’re getting right now. Not a downpour, just nice, steady rain. It’s lovely to weave in this kind of weather, so after some housecleaning chores, I will do exactly that.  Back to my fish. I hope I can reconstruct what I was doing and where I am on the plan.

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