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IMG00051-20090416-1325These are not great pictures (taken with phone, not real camera), but I wanted to share some work by a couple of the artists in attendance at Main Street. I walked right by this booth thinking that I was looking at painted and fired pottery, kind of like Talavera. Well, it’s not that! These are turned wood with the mosaics made of seed beads. The link below takes you to the Main Street page where you can see some more of their work. These pieces are really wonderful!

Marilyn Endres & Eucled Moore

Wire Weaving

Naturally, I always look for weaving anytime I go to an art festival. This picture is also not very good, but try the link to Main Street to see this artist’s work. The picture shown is of what looks like a paper bag that has been folded down. It is made of gold wire, so it also has kind of a burlap-y look to it. Vesna has some wonderful pieces, and I fully intended to go back and buy one, but it really got busy over the weekend. I’m sure I’ll have another opportunity.

Vesna Yankovich


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