Post Show Meltdown


I’m having a really hard getting going again. I know it’s kind of normal to have a let down after an event, but this is getting ridiculous. Partly, it’s just that I’m really, really tired.

I have a list of things to do differently for next time, the most important being to remember is sunscreen and all the flexibility you can muster. Another thing I learned is that Rubbermaid containers are the way to go. Then things will not have to be placed on a table each night in case of rain. The booth space was a little different than expected. Evidently things were changed this year in a couple of ways. The canopies were a different kind and located in a different area along the street. The new fire marshal wanted booths on both sides of the street rather than in the middle as in years past.

Rain! I hate to ever disparage rain, since we nearly always need rain here. It rained Friday, and opening was postponed for 2 1/2 hours. My feet got wet and cold, and because my thermostat is in my feet, I was cold all day. But once the rain stopped, the crowds came. Boy, did they come! It was great. Lots of interest, nice comments, much talking to folks, and great people-watching. Interesting being on the artist side of a booth as opposed to walking the aisles of a show. Even if folks didn’t stop, it was nice to hear the many positive comments as they walked down the street. Even more people came on Saturday. Watching from my booth area, I felt a little claustrophobic. And there was conflicting music—Cajun on one side and whatever band was playing on the other. I was very lucky to share my booth space with a wonderful sculptor, Chris Hunt and his fiancé Tammy. And I am so lucky to have friends, my sister and brother-in-law who came out to help. Thank you Margaret, Margaret, Amy, Trina, and Paul. Yes, there are two Margarets.

These two pieces went to a happy new home. They are, left to right, Crossroad and Floating in a Deep, Dark Sea.

Crossroad Floating in a Deep, Dark Sea

So, tomorrow, I hope to get some stuff back to normal, get a haircut, and do some errands. Thursday I plan to visit my parents and a friend. And, you know, I may do that weaving thing again. I’ve still got a fish on the loom.

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