Counting Down

We drove downtown this afternoon after the family festivities, to see exactly where we have to load in and sign in on Wednesday. Being prepared, right? Fort Worth has a new parking garage that is getting lots of buzz because it’s so colorful. While downtown, I realized that I’m going to have to take a walking tour of the whole area to take pictures. Many of the buildings have been refurbished and restored with all their neat architectural features. After reading Jeanne Williamson’s blog, I’m looking at buildings with fresh eyes. In college I took a photography class, one of those 3 week super-intensive classes. Our first  assignment was windows. No other information. I looked at reflections, unusual shapes, broken panes. I still look at windows with an eye for photography. Great assignment!

Tomorrow I will lash the last two rods for hanging. Then I will have to complete the To Do List: clips for blowing rugs, another light for the track, bungee cords, maybe a basket to hold the business cards. I finished the other portfolio book. My guild will need oneProcess for their sale on Saturday in another town. I included a couple of pages about process, one with pictures and the other with text only.

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