Weaving Appreciation

Jennifer said…

I agree one should appreciate the effort it takes to weave! There was an article I saw once that talked about early America where people simply did not have rugs because they could not afford them. Today we only have them because of mass production. We’ve forgotten, this is a new thing for everyone to have one….

I never knew this about rugs, but I do know that we used to live much more frugally and less wastefully. Quilts and rag rugs are just one example of frugality and practicality leading to beauty.  That being said, most people who buy my work won’t put them on the floor even though I make them sturdy enough for that. Most folks end up with “art for the wall,” and I agree that some of the smaller pieces that I make are more appropriate for the wall. But this reminds me of a small studio group to which I belong. We present programs to groups about weaving and fibers. We recently revamped our program to show process, process, process. The audience had great appreciation for handwoven items after our presentation and snapped up the beautiful, hand-dyed, handwoven silk scarves that we had brought into the room. They commented that no wonder handwoven items are expensive.

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