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The color of this piece just grabbed me. I had to learn more. This came from an ArtDaily article, which has mentioned this particular dig before. It’s located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, but I’m not sure where exactly in relationship with the city of Oaxaca. I wanted to know more about the color itself. Here’s a quote from the article:

The red pigment with which it was painted is one of the more distinctive characteristics of the piece. The painting can be fairly appreciated by its degree of conservation. This pigment might have been obtained from cinnabar or from the hematite.

Do you find it amazing that these colors have survived so many long decades, centuries? I remember the first Mayan ruins I saw, which were on a cliff above the east Caribbean. The colors on the walls were still visible in parts. Absolutely amazing!


And, while I’m on the subject (kind of) of Mexico…..Honestly, this is

not an advertisement for Pier 1, but I love these margarita glasses.imageAnd totally off the subject of Mexico, except that history in interrelated…I also found this in ArtDaily. The headline for this article seems interesting. They are going to freeze dry this three-centuries-old ship found in the Gulf of Mexico and reassemble it. How ‘bout that? The ship was discovered in the area of Matagorda Bay.

I wondered, though, why they would be doing this at Texas A&M. Seems that this ship changed the history of Texas. This French ship was unable to bring supplies to LaSalle and his men, which left the area wide open to Spanish explorers. Another how ‘bout that?

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