Nose in a book

I’m a reader. A book goes with me wherever I go. Errands and then lunch with a friend? A book is in the car just in case a wait is necessary. And these books don’t have to be quality literature. I’m a great fan of escapism. Sometimes I choose really cheap books to go on my Kindle, but lately I’ve chosen some real duds. One was a tale in which the main character was in a domestic abuse situation. Not only was that topic uncomfortable to read, but I also kept waiting for something epic to happen. Imagine my surprise when it turns out that the character’s life events were all just dreams while she was in a coma for ten years! For some reason I felt cheated at this turn of events. But on the other hand, it has made me think. What IS going on with someone who is in a coma? Maybe that’s what good literature is. What do you think?

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