Is it fall yet?


Finally! Finally, some cooler weather. It was actually in the 60s Sunday morning. I always know there’s been a real change in the weather when the tire light comes on in the car. I lived in ignorant bliss before acquiring a car with the tire sensor.

September to me is always a time of renewal, a time to start fresh. That feeling probably comes from all those freshly sharpened pencils, the brand new Crayons, empty sheets of notebook paper, the new teacher and new grade. Whatever, it’s like a new year. To celebrate the new year, I send my grandchildren Happy New Year cards with a gift card tucked inside. imageFor myself, I now have a new shed that is completely empty and fresh, just waiting for the mower, garden tools, and the other things that can’t be thrown away or donated yet.

I am also celebrating with a new activity. In the continuing saga of rebuilding a life, I have signed up with about 50 other women at The Woman’s Club to learn how to play bridge. The organizer of this group actually used the words “party bridge” together in a sentence! Thinking I’d be the oldest person there because, after all, one who reaches my age should already know how to play bridge, don’t you think? Pleasantly surprised, there was a great mix of age groups, and I don’t have to be scared that the very serious player will get mad at me.

What, you may ask, are those bottles at the top for? I just liked the picture. The designs are taken from the ubiquitous plastic bottles of cleaning supplies that we all have in our houses. Except these are made of porcelain.

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