I drove to Dallas yesterday to go to Crate & Barrel. There are none anywhere near Fort Worth. Ask me how I like driving to Dallas. Hate it! This trip wasn’t so bad, but still—I don’t know where anything is, the traffic is horrible, drivers are more aggressive. Although, I have to admit, early morning traffic was not so bad this time. The C&B trip was to get things on a bridal registry. I was shopping for several. Oh, the sacrifices we make!

Drawers. Why am I always so attracted to them? Probably some deep psychological something that I don’t want to explore. In antique stores and flea markets, they always beg me to look. I only look nowadays because I already have drawers in several places in my house. Below is an old spool cabinet that is used as an end table. Also, a set of drawers that holds strands of beads—malachite, coral, lapis, etc. Then there are the drawers that are mostly hidden my the bunnies and other stuff.










The picture at the top is from here. There is a complete slideshow of the actor B.D. Wong’s home in NY. This picture shows a few of the sewing machine drawers he collects with the yardsticks as a background. I’ve got sewing machine drawers!

Beginning of slide show: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2012/09/06/greathomesanddestinations/20120906-LOCATION.html?ref=garden#1

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