It’s a brave, new world

I’ve been buying the magazine House Beautiful lately, something I’ve never done before. I’m buying them, not because of the pictured rooms, but because something inspires a design idea. Frankly, most of those oh-so-carefully-designed rooms don’t appeal to me much, but the individual textiles do. Often those are rugs or other kinds of fabrics. See below.
HouseBeautiful2As part of my never-ending organizing, I am going through those magazines and tearing out pictures that appeal to me. As I was flipping through one of the issues, I noticed a small phone icon. I read the information, and now Digimarc (a free app for iPhone and Android) has entered my life. Throughout the magazine, there are certain illustrations that have “secret” information embedded. Of the ones I’ve checked out, all were videos about people featured or about putting the magazine together. But, I found a gem! One of those videos is about weaving ikat fabrics! The page with that information is above. I’ve circled the little phone icon. The video follows. Pretty cool!

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