It’s Elemental

©Sherri Coffey-Elemental

Elemental, hand-dyed ikat, 67 x 34 in, $900 ©Sherri Coffey


With a twisted knee, I used an ice pack and took up knitting–again. I like to try this every other year or so, but I’m really not sure exactly why. I almost got socks knitted once, but I always lose track of where I am.  Yarn is everywhere around here, but most is not the next to skin variety. I wanted to learn to knit on the diagonal, again, don’t ask me why. Finding a gradated yarn , I got started. So that experiment is ending. The knee is good, no more ice pack and sitting around.

The trip that wasn’t

A trip to the Taos Wool Festival was in the works, that is until I got on the road. A dash light came on, indicating a problem with a tire. I stopped and checked, nothing looked wrong, so I drove on. In Wichita Falls and stopped at Discount Tire. They checked everything, air pressure included. The light still didn’t go off, so I made the decision to drive home.

Realizing that I was really ambivalent about this trip and that I also did not want to be driving in the middle of the New Mexico mountains somewhere and be stuck, it seemed best to return home. My little Prius has over 139,000 miles, so I’m careful, especially when I’m by myself  As long as possible I expect to keep driving this car. Turns out the problem was a tire sensor had gone out. Those guys are not cheap! Thankfully only one had to be replaced. I try to look at these kinds of things as an amoritized expense

Since I drove by it on another trip to Taos, a visit to the Mora Valley Spinning Mill was on my list of things to do.  I had planned to stay in Las Vegas, as it’s an interesting town, then drive on to Taos the next day. Arroyo Seco was on the list also. Weaving did lots of things in conjunction with the wool festival. Would’ve been nice.

So the trip that wasn’t…it’s not like I don’t have anything to do here. Plus, stay tuned for a small surprise that will only go out in my newsletter. Sign up here.


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