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I have been listening to Deeper than the Dead while weaving and for my drive to Johnson City in March. I get my audio books from I have found it interesting how some authors that I enjoy reading don’t seem to translate so well to the audio format. Tami Hoag’s books can be a little gruesome, but that doesn’t seem to bother me;they keep my mind occupied. This one is written from the perspective of 1985, before DNA and so much of the other forensic science that we have come to rely on via television, was more than a glimmer in the eye. I enjoy reading James Lee Burke and Harlan Coben, but their writing does not appeal to me in audio, so I will only read the written word from those authors. Other authors that I read seem to shine in audio format. Their descriptions are quite vivid and inspire reflection on the actual writing. Hmm, when I think about it, James Lee Burke’s writing falls into this category, so I really can’t tell you why I prefer reading his novels rather than listening to them. I plan to listen to Henning Mankell’s The Man From Beijing next. He is a Swedish author that I have enjoyed in the past. I think his work has enough “meat” to it to keep me engrossed for the duration of the book.

I seem to choose books for various reasons—locale, author, culture, and just plain who knows. I may try the latest Kingsolver  after the Mankell. Sometimes I feel like I should choose to listen to books that are “good for me.” I tried that for a long trip one time. I had to get something else so as to stay awake! While driving, it is necessary for me to have something that engages my mind so that it doesn’t wander. A wandering mind, in my case, is a wandering car!

Does anyone else listen to books while working or otherwise? How do you choose which ones to listen to?

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