Photography and Seeds

Photograph from NYTimes

In a cold, cold region many, many hours away, lies the Global Seed Vault. I have heard about the Global Seed Vault before, but this interview caught my interest in an artistic way. It is an interview with Dornith Doherty, a professor of photography at the University of North Texas in Denton. She had the opportunity to visit this vault and take pictures. The resulting pictures are mostly highly manipulated, but, for me, it is most interesting to see where inspiration comes from. If you look at her other photographs, you can tell that she has an interest in the environment, takes that interest, and uses it creatively. To take creativity in a different direction, think about the idea that someone, or many “someones” had to save our seeds.

Go to Dornith Doherty’s website and read her essay available under the picture for the portfolio Archiving Eden.

NYTimes article about Global Seed Vault. This is interesting stuff!

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