From this ….

WiFi-Spot and this …


to this ….Roses-in-Front

We took a little 10-day jaunt to Belize and Guatemala, returning home last night. The first picture is where I sat to check e-mail in the middle of the jungle. We had no phone service, but that table and chair was my WiFi hotspot. The second picture is of Robert at the misnamed Baboon Sanctuary near Burrell Boom in Belize. It is a sanctuary for an endangered species of howler monkeys. The last picture is the thank-goodness-I-didn’t-miss-it rose bush in front of the house. It smells so wonderful and looks very pretty—and much different from all the jungle vegetation that I’ve been seeing for the last ten days.

Most of our time was spent trekking over Maya ruins from Caracol in Belize to Tikal in Guatemala. Oh, and in case you didn’t know it, those temples have LOTS of steps to climb!Tikal 

Above is a view of one of the sites at Tikal, looking through the trees—a truly amazing site in person. Below is the view from the lanai at Maya Mountain in Belize, where we stayed the first couple of nights. Look closely for the thatched roof of one of the cabanas.MayaMountainLanaiView Now it’s back to real life—a mountain of laundry, errands, and groceries. But I’ve got a notebook of ideas and hopefully, some pictures for more inspiration. Lots to do and looking forward to it all!

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